Wednesday, 21 September 2016

new book release: short fiction!

Day Dreams by Andreas Gripp, a collection of twelve short stories and flash fiction, is now available to order via the book order page!

The following stories make up the collection:

1. Mrs. Peterson, the boy who stands on the corner isn’t your son     

2.   With the Mortgage Paid and a Sizeable Inheritance, Why Walk Into the Outside World?        

3. Blank Notebooks                                                          

4. Captain Fish Face and the Rusty, Saltwater Tank    

5. Columbia, 33 1/3                                                     

6. A Conspiracy Theorist Challenges His Fuck Buddy to Another 
Round of “Name That Tune”           

7. Random Chance                                                      

8. En Route to the Common Place                              

9. The Extras                                                               

10. One Tough Giant                                                     

11. Hey DJ!                                                          

12. The After Solstice                                                   

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