Monday, 12 September 2016

Another London official press release

Another London
poems from a city still searching for itself

26 London poets offer up what it’s like to live as  a resident of The Forest City. Whether it’s the battle over the Springbank Dam (highlighted in R L Raymond’s Hoping for spring), everyday driving frustrations (Frank Beltrano’s Car Wars), a first-hand account of a recent, downtown guerilla poetry reading (as showcased in Stan Burfield’s I am standing on a crate reading Lawrence Ferlinghetti) or a visit to a variety store of sorts in Historic Woodfield (Wayne Ray’s Hippie Trippie General Store), Another London is a series of conflicts and contrasts, of making sense of the present day while acknowledging there was a previous time when residing here may have been more orderly and was questioned much less. Or perhaps it’s a way to understand the dichotomy of the love/hate relationship so many of us have with our current hometown, a city named after one much larger, more glamourous, and with a far richer history than our own. Yet because of our humbler size and standing, we clearly have a unique perspective on the world found nowhere else. 

Featuring the work of the following 
London poets:

Frank Beltrano   /   Stan Burfield                      
Carrie Lee Connel   /   Tom Cull                           
D’vorah Elias   /   Jan Figurski                        
Ryan Gibbs   /   Andreas Gripp                    
Gregory Wm. Gunn   /   Martin Hayter                  
Kevin Heslop   /   David Huebert                    
Camille Intson   /   Penn Kemp
Marlene Laplante   /   Alan Leangvan
Lincoln McCardle   /   DL Morrow
Dorothy Nielsen   /   Holly Painter
Wayne Ray   /   RL Raymond
Brittany Renaud   /   Peggy Roffey
Mark Tovey   /   David White

Published by Harmonia Press

Available from
Edited by Carrie Lee Connel & Andreas Gripp
84 pp. / Trade Paperback / 5 ½ x 8 ½
$10.00     ISBN 978-1-927734-11-7
Harmonia Press / Autumn 2016

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