Wednesday, 24 August 2016

New Book Release: Persona Grata by Carrie Lee Connel

Now available to order from Harmonia Press!

Persona Grata, 37 poems by London poet and writer Carrie Lee Connel is a follow-up to her 2013 release, A Day In Pieces, and explores the author's relationships with love, literature, and the search for meaning, all within the backdrop of an urban malaise.

Meniere’s Disease

The famous suffer as I suffer:

Van Gogh sliced cartilage and flesh,

sending the conch to a lover

so she could hear his torment.

Its alias falls off the tongue in clear notes:


How do I hear the silence on the other side?

A constant, ever-present companion

keeps sleep at odds with sanity;

banishes contentment to a far-away world.

But what if this condition that drives the mind

to desperate acts – needles bursting ear drums –

is not the devil’s chatter

but the voice of God, misinterpreted?

©2016 by Carrie Lee Connel

from Persona Grata


The collection of 19th Century novels

dwindles each year.

As I pare out the ones that won’t

be read,

those that linger

wait to feel tender hands,

tidy fingers turning reverent pages.

Those once read and remain,

left over from university classes,

realize they won’t be read again

yet are grateful for the sentimentality

that reserves their place on the shelf.

Emma said to Jane (Ms. Eyre),

“We could never be friends,

but you may teach the Knightley children.”

Holmes kicked Watson out

to join Gerard and Sir Nigel

on the battlefields.

And Wilkie would fall in love

with Charlotte

in this present time.

“Leave the devil’s drink alone,

dear Poe,” says DeQuincey.

“Come sleep with angels in my den.”

The ladies Gaskell and Burney,

kept in anticipation,

wait to reveal the emancipation

of the fairer sex,

to which Gilman and Chopin say desist.

Shelley wrote more about her monster,

but The Last Man,

lost in the tomb of tomes,

has yet to be introduced.

©2016 by Carrie Lee Connel

from Persona Grata

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