Sunday, 4 December 2016

Synaeresis: arts + poetry

arts + poetry

Call for submissions!

Original poetry (1 to 3 poems), photography (1 to 6 photos), artwork (1 to 6 pieces), and flash fiction (1 to 2 stories).

Please email your submission as a separate attachment (MS Word / PDF / JPG). Please include a brief bio of yourself as well in case your work is selected for publication. Email address:

The deadline for first issue consideration is January 15th, 2017. Submissions received after that date will be considered for the second issue.

Synaeresis is an online journal showcasing local, regional, Canadian, American and International talent. It is free to the public and will be available on Internet Archive, Scribd, and Issuu. No payment is available at the present time to artists but there are no fees as well. More details forthcoming. That said, the editorial selection process will be rather particular, so please send only the best of your best. Thanks!

Sunday, 6 November 2016

WordsFest London Weekend

We're at WordsFest London this weekend (happening at Museum London) selling books! If you're in town, we'd love to see you ...

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Words Fest Book Fair November 2016

we will be selling new and backlist titles at WordsFest 2016 including the Another London anthology, during the Book Fair on Saturday November 5th and Sunday November 6th. 

below is our book table from a previous Book Fair at WordsFest

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Harmonia Press Autumn 2016 Book Launch Party

A sincere and grateful Thank You to everyone who came out to the book launch party at The Root Cellar last night. We had a terrific time of poet readings and book sales. Another London, Persona Grata, and Snowflake Sleep were launched and all three titles and more are available for purchase (only $10 each) from the Harmonia Press Book Order Page

Photo below by Stan Burfield

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

new book release: short fiction!

Day Dreams by Andreas Gripp, a collection of twelve short stories and flash fiction, is now available to order via the book order page!

The following stories make up the collection:

1. Mrs. Peterson, the boy who stands on the corner isn’t your son     

2.   With the Mortgage Paid and a Sizeable Inheritance, Why Walk Into the Outside World?        

3. Blank Notebooks                                                          

4. Captain Fish Face and the Rusty, Saltwater Tank    

5. Columbia, 33 1/3                                                     

6. A Conspiracy Theorist Challenges His Fuck Buddy to Another 
Round of “Name That Tune”           

7. Random Chance                                                      

8. En Route to the Common Place                              

9. The Extras                                                               

10. One Tough Giant                                                     

11. Hey DJ!                                                          

12. The After Solstice                                                   

Monday, 12 September 2016

Another London official press release

Another London
poems from a city still searching for itself

26 London poets offer up what it’s like to live as  a resident of The Forest City. Whether it’s the battle over the Springbank Dam (highlighted in R L Raymond’s Hoping for spring), everyday driving frustrations (Frank Beltrano’s Car Wars), a first-hand account of a recent, downtown guerilla poetry reading (as showcased in Stan Burfield’s I am standing on a crate reading Lawrence Ferlinghetti) or a visit to a variety store of sorts in Historic Woodfield (Wayne Ray’s Hippie Trippie General Store), Another London is a series of conflicts and contrasts, of making sense of the present day while acknowledging there was a previous time when residing here may have been more orderly and was questioned much less. Or perhaps it’s a way to understand the dichotomy of the love/hate relationship so many of us have with our current hometown, a city named after one much larger, more glamourous, and with a far richer history than our own. Yet because of our humbler size and standing, we clearly have a unique perspective on the world found nowhere else. 

Featuring the work of the following 
London poets:

Frank Beltrano   /   Stan Burfield                      
Carrie Lee Connel   /   Tom Cull                           
D’vorah Elias   /   Jan Figurski                        
Ryan Gibbs   /   Andreas Gripp                    
Gregory Wm. Gunn   /   Martin Hayter                  
Kevin Heslop   /   David Huebert                    
Camille Intson   /   Penn Kemp
Marlene Laplante   /   Alan Leangvan
Lincoln McCardle   /   DL Morrow
Dorothy Nielsen   /   Holly Painter
Wayne Ray   /   RL Raymond
Brittany Renaud   /   Peggy Roffey
Mark Tovey   /   David White

Published by Harmonia Press

Available from
Edited by Carrie Lee Connel & Andreas Gripp
84 pp. / Trade Paperback / 5 ½ x 8 ½
$10.00     ISBN 978-1-927734-11-7
Harmonia Press / Autumn 2016

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

New Book Release: Persona Grata by Carrie Lee Connel

Now available to order from Harmonia Press!

Persona Grata, 37 poems by London poet and writer Carrie Lee Connel is a follow-up to her 2013 release, A Day In Pieces, and explores the author's relationships with love, literature, and the search for meaning, all within the backdrop of an urban malaise.

Meniere’s Disease

The famous suffer as I suffer:

Van Gogh sliced cartilage and flesh,

sending the conch to a lover

so she could hear his torment.

Its alias falls off the tongue in clear notes:


How do I hear the silence on the other side?

A constant, ever-present companion

keeps sleep at odds with sanity;

banishes contentment to a far-away world.

But what if this condition that drives the mind

to desperate acts – needles bursting ear drums –

is not the devil’s chatter

but the voice of God, misinterpreted?

©2016 by Carrie Lee Connel

from Persona Grata


The collection of 19th Century novels

dwindles each year.

As I pare out the ones that won’t

be read,

those that linger

wait to feel tender hands,

tidy fingers turning reverent pages.

Those once read and remain,

left over from university classes,

realize they won’t be read again

yet are grateful for the sentimentality

that reserves their place on the shelf.

Emma said to Jane (Ms. Eyre),

“We could never be friends,

but you may teach the Knightley children.”

Holmes kicked Watson out

to join Gerard and Sir Nigel

on the battlefields.

And Wilkie would fall in love

with Charlotte

in this present time.

“Leave the devil’s drink alone,

dear Poe,” says DeQuincey.

“Come sleep with angels in my den.”

The ladies Gaskell and Burney,

kept in anticipation,

wait to reveal the emancipation

of the fairer sex,

to which Gilman and Chopin say desist.

Shelley wrote more about her monster,

but The Last Man,

lost in the tomb of tomes,

has yet to be introduced.

©2016 by Carrie Lee Connel

from Persona Grata

To order Persona Grata by Carrie Lee Connel, please visit 

the Book Orders page

Monday, 22 August 2016

Thursday, 14 July 2016

New Poetry Book Release by Farrukh Chishtie

Farrukh Chishtie's first book of poems, published by Harmonia Press, is now available! Please visit the Harmonia Press Book Order Page for information about purchasing a copy.

A plea to Poseidon
(or “On the 26th October, 2015 earthquake”)

Poseidon, I plead you again, to heed 
your waves sprouting jagged Underworlds,
brutally flailing our constructs; swaying
us on taut puppet strings. Wreaking havoc
this time: tomorrow is still left seismic.

Your rubble rousing roar echoes through my
body; stretched by San Andreas faults to
ground razing Indian-Eurasian fights.
This quaking fragment is all ears, and now
aftershocks titrate it for the Big One.

©2016 by Farrukh Chishtie

from Snowflake Sleep

An Earthly Portal

Ajar, the door of a brimming labor of love,
cleared and yet spilled over,
with “This can’t wait”
and “This can wait” folders,
artful tea stains.

Cut to the chase talk,
about the state of the Indian subcontinent,
a drafted answer
to a Physical Review referee
and his oracular judgment,
and the health of a super-intelligent dog
that craves the joy of a car ride,
decoding words are spelled out
to his exclusion on somber trips,
killing entire covert operations.

Snapshots of our past lives,
carefully exposed and encased
in self-pity-free frames of reference,
“Forget and get over it” attitudes,
a window full of snow
blocking the rugged view,
laughter and sobriety matched to march over
the great divide between Applied Mathematics 
and Physics.

Music dimmed at my entrance,
“No, I like it, don’t turn it down,”
never quite entertained,
a worn smile that tells me you have to pack 
and leave, to awaiting students
or a family to cook for,
D’vorah’s new play, a new singing part,
a guitar practice evening,
a restful Sabbath to look forward to.

Dedicated to the memory of Prof. Victor Elias,
a colleague and mentor.

©2016 by Farrukh Chishtie

from Snowflake Sleep

Farrukh Chishtie is a poet and writer presently based in Islamabad.

Since 2005, he is the editor of Subh-e-Nau Monthly, a first 

publication in Pakistan which features environment and public 

health concerns for a wider audience. Being formally trained in the

natural and social sciences, he is also presently involved in various

environmental science and development projects.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

upcoming poetry anthology: call for submissions


Please submit 1 to 3 poems about life in London. Poems can be of a personal perspective, a historical episode, a contemporary happening, or another aspect of our city, its people and places. The deadline for submissions is July 31, 2016.

Poets must be living in London, Ontario or very closeby (e.g. Dorchester, Kilworth, Arva, Thamesford). Those who may live outside the immediate vicinity but work in London on a daily basis are eligible to submit poetry.

Please include your poems as a separate attachment in either MS Word or as a PDF and clearly label your document. Also include a brief bio. Email your submission to

There is NO entry fee or reading fee.

The anthology will be a quality print edition presently scheduled for an Autumn 2016 release. A digital version will also be available. It will be published by Harmonia Press.

Editors are Andreas Gripp and Carrie Lee Connel.

Please do not submit any negative pieces about real persons living in London (e.g. political or notable people).

All entries will receive an acknowledgement email and those poets whose work is accepted for publication will be notified by September 1st, 2016.

All poets published in the anthology will receive one free copy of Another London. Additional copies will be available for purchase at a discounted rate. The book will be launched sometime in the Fall with a reading by participants.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

2nd edition of Selected Poems

Featuring several new poems, the 2nd edition of Selected Poems 2000-2016, by Andreas Gripp, is now available to order from this website.