Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Persephone Papers by Dorothy Nielsen is now available!

The Persephone Papers by Dorothy Nielsen is now in stock!
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Here's a sample from The Persephone Papers:

from the poem "Decade":
As that old year died,
I dreamed of oil burning up Baghdad
then consuming the entire planet.

I saw a mountain cave north of Peking,
a root cellar in Istanbul,
a hollow outside Whitehorse,
the ashen faces of the few
who outlive our fires.

I saw in a millennium or two
a dogsled make its way
to what was London, Ontario.

I saw a thaw, a farmer
drag a plough through a field
of what was once bone, skin, stone, and ashes,
rich earth fed with the spirits
of unknown ancestors.

In what was once called May
a shoot rises;
sweet leaves into the mouths
of a new race.

(c) 2013 Dorothy Nielsen