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Title: Selected Poems, 4th Edition
Author: Andreas Gripp
ISBN: 978-1-927734-16-2
314 pages, perfect-bound
Price: $15

Title: Another London (Anthology)
Author: Various
ISBN: 978-1-927734-11-7
70 pages, perfect-bound
Price: $10

Title: Snowflake Sleep
Author: Farrukh Chishtie
ISBN: 978-1-927734-10-0
40 pages, perfect-bound
Price: $10

Title: Persona Grata
Author: Carrie Lee Connel
ISBN: 978-1-927734-13-1
41 pages, perfect-bound
Price: $10

Title: Panthera Leo and other poems
Author: Andreas Gripp
ISBN: 978-1-927734-15-5
51 pages, perfect-bound
Price: $10

Title: The Persephone Papers
Author: Dorothy Nielsen
ISBN: 978-1-927734-00-1
61 pages, perfect-bound
Price: $10

Title: Regarding Oblivion
Author: Gregory Wm. Gunn
ISBN: 978-0-9688885-7-7
73 pages, perfect-bound
Price: $10

 Title: A Day in Pieces
Author: Carrie Lee Connel
ISBN: 978-0-9865996-9-9
30 pages, perfect-bound
Price: $5

Title: All Here Sail in a River of Light
Author: Katherine L. Gordon & Andreas Gripp
ISBN: 978-1-927734-04-9
18 pages, saddle-stitched
Price: $5

Title: Seasonal Psalms (haiku/eastern verse)
Author: Andreas Gripp
ISBN: 978-1-927734-14-8
52 pages, perfect-bound
Price: $10

Title: Afterthoughts (issues 5 through 15)
Author: Various
ISSN 1201-401X
Price: $5 (each issue)


Title: Synaeresis : arts + poetry (issue one)
Author: Various
ISSN 2371-6940
84 pages, Digital PDF
Price: Free

Title: Synaeresis : arts + poetry (issue two)
Author: Various
ISSN 2371-6940
58 pages, Digital PDF
Price: Free

Title: Synaeresis : arts + poetry (issue three)
Author: Various
ISSN 2371-6940
pages TBA, Digital PDF
Price: Free

Title: Day Dreams: a dozen odd stories
Author: Andreas Gripp
ISBN: 978-1-927734-12-4
62 pages, perfect-bound
Price: $10

Please add $4 shipping per book. Prices are in Canadian & American funds. Cheque or Money Order only please, payable to Andreas Gripp. All orders and payment can be mailed to the address below:

Harmonia Press
443 Three Valleys Crescent
London, ON
N5Z 3E6

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Please include your mailing address in your correspondence.  Orders will be shipped out *immediately* upon being received  (Canada and United States only). Unfortunately, due to extremely high shipping costs overseas, International orders can no longer be accepted but I can email you a free PDF of the book that you request.

Note: Page count refers to text pages and do not include table of contents, copyright notices, title pages, prefaces, etc.

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