Sunday, 17 February 2013

Regarding Oblivion by Gregory Wm. Gunn

ISBN 978-0-9688885-7-7

Copies of Regarding Oblivion, by London, Ontario poet Gregory Wm. Gunn, are still available for purchase. Email with your mailing address. Books are available for $10 (Canadian or U.S. funds -- no tax required) which includes the cost of postage.

from Regarding Oblivion

Venerable Maiden

venerable maiden,
how regally enduring;
is the reign nearing
a full century?
the monumental memories,
the multifarious creatures
that have flocked to you,
seeking shelter from
the elements.

your cordial limbs
outstretched, defying
gravity, denying
the length of your years.
a haven for hostas; an
umbrageous curtain for
columbines and tattooed
moss maps clinging to
your granitic hide.

i, a renascent lotus-
eater, pensively crouched
beneath crysolite green
sun shields, admiring
a curious charm of
goldfinches pecking
at your feet. a solitary
polyphemus moth flitting
in the early evening
June breeze, caressed
with the fragrance
of spreading Junipers.

-- Gregory Wm. Gunn

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