Sunday, 17 February 2013

Forthcoming Title by Carrie Lee Connel

ISBN 978-0-9865996-9-9

London, Ontario poet & writer Carrie Lee Connel's debut collection of poems, A Day in Pieces, will be published by Harmonia Press in April, 2013. Stay tuned for more details and book launch info in the weeks ahead.

Regarding Oblivion by Gregory Wm. Gunn

ISBN 978-0-9688885-7-7

Copies of Regarding Oblivion, by London, Ontario poet Gregory Wm. Gunn, are still available for purchase. Email with your mailing address. Books are available for $10 (Canadian or U.S. funds -- no tax required) which includes the cost of postage.

from Regarding Oblivion

Venerable Maiden

venerable maiden,
how regally enduring;
is the reign nearing
a full century?
the monumental memories,
the multifarious creatures
that have flocked to you,
seeking shelter from
the elements.

your cordial limbs
outstretched, defying
gravity, denying
the length of your years.
a haven for hostas; an
umbrageous curtain for
columbines and tattooed
moss maps clinging to
your granitic hide.

i, a renascent lotus-
eater, pensively crouched
beneath crysolite green
sun shields, admiring
a curious charm of
goldfinches pecking
at your feet. a solitary
polyphemus moth flitting
in the early evening
June breeze, caressed
with the fragrance
of spreading Junipers.

-- Gregory Wm. Gunn