Thursday, 8 March 2018

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Coming Soon!

An updated, expanded edition of Selected Poems by Andreas Gripp contains many additional offerings plus brand new poetry. More than double the size of the 2016 edition! 

Available this Spring from the Harmonia Press Book Order Page

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Panthera Leo: new book of new poetry by Andreas Gripp

Andreas Gripp's new book of poems, Panthera Leo, is now available at the Harmonia Press Book Order Page. It will be launched at the September 6th, 2017 Reading Room Event at Huron County Library's Goderich Branch.

From Panthera Leo and other poems:

Marooning the Muse

We sat at the beach together

but I didn’t write a thing.

I looked to the horizon

and its meeting of sky and sea

and the cerulean they both shared

at the point where we see

the world is round indeed.

You wrote of sandpipers

on the strand and the seagulls

encircling the trawler

traversing the harbour,

and I left you the metaphors

to find while I was lost in a reverie

that had Magellan meeting


on the edge of a precipice,

saying yes, it’s all an illusion,

this vortex of birds and their fish,

this looping of ships and our poems.

©2017 by Andreas Gripp

The West Coast of Somewhere

As a boy, I saw only sand and sea

and stones I pitched with a splash

beneath the shifting animal clouds

that I envisioned.

As a single young man

on a day of sun and cirrus,

I knew nothing of rocks

and waves colliding with the shore,

only the flash of skin and curves

exposed for browning.

Now middle-aged in wedlock,

ambling along the beach

beside my wife,

I see the patterns on pebbles

and the gulls that dip for trout

while the crew of college girls,

jumping for frisbees in the surf,

are supposedly a blur below

this cumulus of savannah cats

overseeing their great,

ephemeral kingdom. 

©2017 by Andreas Gripp

Friday, 7 July 2017

announcement re: Synaeresis

Synaeresis : arts + poetry is being shelved indefinitely. It was nice once again to present the work of poets and artists in a journal format, as was done many years ago with Afterthoughts. But Synaeresis was started at a time that I still resided in London and where life circumstances were different than they are now. There's a quiet place outside of a computer screen and the shoreline is calling.

Best wishes with your artistic endeavours.

Andreas Gripp 

editor, Synaeresis: arts + poetry

Tuesday, 2 May 2017